Top 10 Vape Tricks Every Smoker Needs to Know

Top 10 Vape Tricks Every Smoker Needs to Know

Remember that first time you saw some vape trick, perhaps it was from your friend, somewhere in the street or in a movie. Undoubtedly, that impressed you! Truth be said, these tricks sound smooth and majestic. 

We’ve observed even smokers doing them but not as cool as vapers can do. Vapers have powerful, fuller, and thicker accessories to work with. Specialized vape systems can generate tremendous amounts of vapor clouds. 

Besides, the vapor itself is dense and allows the formation of several spectacular vape tricks that even non-vapers adore, proving a reasonable claim why you should kick smoking for vaping. 

Now, “vape tricks” has become a highly debatable and rather controversial topic. Some people believe that the increasing popularity of vaping is accelerated by pop culture selling it as a modern thing or a refreshing hobby. 

They also argue that vape tricks are closely associated with this false image. Nevertheless, a vaper shouldn’t buy that confusion, they should try learning some of the coolest vape tricks in town. 

And if anyone is worried about why they are doing it, they should reply by saying “it’s just cool.” Let’s take a look at some of the best vape tricks in town.

1.Vapor bubbles

Let’s begin with something that nearly anybody can try and do it correctly. To achieve vapor bubbles, you need no sophisticated or advanced vaping device or skills. It’s inhaling and unleashing a bubble of vapor.

How it’s done

It’s a pretty easy process, all that you need is a circular object for blowing bubbles out of and some soapy water. The stepwise process involves:

  1. Take a long pull of vapor and dip the circular object into the soapy water
  2. Unleash the vapor through the circular object and you’ll form a spectacular vapor bubble.
  3. Watch as the bubble floats in the air across the room. You can try this whenever and wherever you want.

2.Vape rings

You’ve probably seen “bad boys” or cowboys in a certain film doing it, and possibly using typical or analog cigarettes. But, electronic cigarettes make these rings appear thicker and more spectacular. 

Indeed, it’s one of the simplest vape tricks that all showboating vapers should carry in their arsenal. Basically, it’s a vapor ring formed by blowing a large “O” from vapor. 

After you’ve mastered the trick, you can blow a series of repeated Os, for delightful impressive scenery. These vapor rings, also, are used to form other types of vape tricks.

How it’s done

Although vape tricks are the most fundamental vape trick, it’s not a simple method to get right easily, especially for newbies. The simplest way is to pull vapor (inhale) from your vape’s mouthpiece, and without forcing it into the lungs, from an “O” shape with your lips, and push out (exhale) vapor through this opening. 

The truth of the matter is that trying it for the first time might not be perfect as you may think. The “O” ring might not be well-defined. 

The hardest part is correctly blowing the vapor. Consequently, you should follow a more explicit stepwise version to achieve it.

  1. Draw vapor from your vape mod, inhale, and keep it at the back of your throat.
  2. While keeping the tongue on the floor of the mouth and towards the edge of the throat, forming a round “O” shape using your lips.
  3. Force some amount of vapor out, in a brief pulsating motion, in a much similar manner to subtle cough.

Recall, the size of the orifice that your form between your lips is proportional to the vapor ring that is created.

3.Multiple Rings

It’s a decoration of the classical vapor ring trick, where you unleash multiple (two, three,…) vapor rings repeatedly.

Multiple Rings

How it’s done

For the largest part, the multiple rings trick is a resemblance of a typical vapor ring trick, and only a single step makes it different – placing a finger(s) before the mouth. This is how you do it:

  1. Draw vapor from your vape mod, inhale, and keep it at the back of your throat.
  2. While keeping the tongue on the floor of the mouth and towards the edge of the throat, forming a round “O” shape using your lips.
  3. Split your mouth by placing your finger before your lips as you’re performing the standard “O” ring trick (the important addition). This will generate two rings.
  4. Force some amount of vapor out, in a brief pulsating motion, in a much similar manner to subtle cough.

To create three rings, split your mouth orifice into three parts, by placing two fingers. Also, you need to open your mouth wider to perfect this process.

4.Bending rings 

Ever watched The Last AirBender? If your response is “yes” then that must have been awesome, and it would be the best feeling if you try it by yourself. 

When bending rings is your next vaping trickery, then there is no doubt you’ve reached wizard-like levels. 

This vape trick is built around a typical vapor ring – so you need to have perfected the O ring method before trying this wickedly hot trick. 

Bending rings trickery involves guiding the vapor ring with the use of your hand, and it goes where you want it to.

How it’s done

  1. Draw vapor from the vape into the mouth and keep it for sometime
  2. By the side of your mouth, cup your hand and unleash a vapor ring
  3. Go after the O ring with your hand, guiding it wherever you want it to move. Ensure that you don’t move hastily or touch the ring as you’ll risk breaking it.

Explaining the bending rings trickery is pretty simple, but pulling it off to the actual technique is entirely hard. Most likely, the challenge might be engineered by your heavy-handed push, making you break the ring in a matter of seconds. 

To perfect the entire process, you should be patient, calm, and perform numerous trials to determine the appropriate force that’s required to guide the ring without tearing it. After you’ve mastered it, you can even take the ring back to your mouth.


 The name “Dragon” might throw you into thinking that it’s a whole complicated process, but it’s not! You just need a few rounds of practice and you’re there, a vapor-breathing dragon and a champion. 

Now, the dragon style essentially involves blowing vapor out via four openings: through the nostrils and both corners of the mouth. The challenge only occurs when creating the two orifices at the edges of the mouth, but this can be achieved by keeping the middle of the lips touching while blowing out vapor.

How it’s done

 Again, it’s one of the simplest vape tricks but it does take some time and practice to get correct. As aforementioned, the only difficulty is to unleash vapor through the mouth and nostrils simultaneously. This is how to do it:

  1. As with the “O” ring vape trick, firstly, take a long pull and hold it in your mouth (don’t inhale).
  2. Push the vapor through your two nostrils and both corners of your mouth (by keeping the middle of your lips touching).

Note: to achieve a cool dragon-style vape trick, you should exert force when pushing the vapor out. By supplementing some mean glare to the style, honestly, you’ll be the talk of the town!

6.French Inhale and Bane

Also referred to as the Irish Waterfalls, French Inhale is an easy and subtle vape trick. It involves unleashing vapor from the mouth and tapping it back (inhaling) through the nose. 

This way, you’ll achieve a reverse-flowing waterfall built from vapor from the mouth to the nose. Doesn’t it appear cool? Of course yes! On the other hand, the Bane vape trick involves using your teeth to form a grill-like effect on this waterfall that in return forms a Bane’s mask look alike.

French Inhale and Bane

How it’s done

This is quite a simple version and a masterpiece if done well. To master the French Inhale trick, all you need is to:

  1. Take some long pull without pushing it down to the lungs
  2. Push out the lower jaw and allow the vapor to come out undisturbed (without exhaling).
  3. Immediately, tap the unleashed vapor through your nose.

To work out to perfection, you can use a mirror to view all that happens. For the Bane, the process is the same but with minor modifications. 

You can begin with a little smile and slightly touching the top row of teeth with your lower lip. That way, you’ll create streams where vapor will escape through. Afterward, sharply inhale via the nose to tap those streams and you’ll create the grill-like effect on the vapor.


As the name suggests, the Jellyfish vape trick resembles a jellyfish swimming in the air. It involves unleashing a sizable O vapor ring, and “hitting” its center with a vapor ball, that ultimately creates a jellyfish-like vapor shape. Here, the vapor in the middle of the ring is pulled around the edges of the ring. 

Certainly, the jellyfish vape trick is an advanced technique but if you can perfectly pull it off, then you’ll have something to boast of and impress your peers.

How it’s done

  1. Take some long pull of vapor, unleash a single O ring, and gently push it using your hand.
  2. Inhale another vapor, and slowly release it into the middle of the O ring (the technique is similar to ghost inhaling).
  3. Watch as your last exhale moves around the exterior of the O ring like a jellyfish

8.Mushroom Cloud/ Atomic Bomb

Mushroom Cloud/ Atomic Bomb

The trick is much similar to the jellyfish trick but here, the vapor blows a thin vapor stream rather than a vapor ball. After unleashing the usual vapor ring, the vaper sends a thin yet concentrated vapor jet through the middle of the O ring. As this vapor stream crosses the O ring, it’s pulled out the edges of the vapor rings forming a mushroom-like cloud.

How it’s done

Like bending rings, vape trickery, the technique for mushroom cloud is simple to explain but hard to pull off. Luckily, patience pays; provided that you’re willing to perform some trials, it would be easy for you to master the method. This is how you do it:

  1. Blow an O ring like you’re prepping to create a jellyfish
  2. Exhale a vapor stream through the center of the O ring
  3. One moment after the last exhale, such back the entire cloud! It bombs away!


If you can confidently and accurately form O rings, then you can easily manipulate the shape (using your hands) to form triangles. It’s a delicate process that requires utmost calmness and perfection.

How it’s done

The beginning of this trickery is to unleash an O ring, but it should be thick and dense to ensure it stays together through the reshaping period. 

What follows is to push the vapor ring with one hand and tap its sides to assume a triangular shape, no matter what e-liquid recipe he use. To get the correct results, you should exercise good timing of your handwork. Also, perform trials around how and when to propel and tap back the O ring.


It’s a fantastic vape trick, and perhaps the best as it looks awesome and it’s easy to manage and perform. Tornado is one of the best and most popular vape tricks among the elite vaping community. All that you need to do is to unleash huge vapor clouds onto a flat surface, preferably a dark surface so as you can make some observations.

How it’s done

  1. Take a long pull of vapor and gently exhale it close to a flat surface
  2. Chop at the surface with your hand, flick your wrist up, and then lift your arm.

It requires some time to perfect the process but after a few trials, you’ll certainly view the swirling effect.

Final thoughts

It’s extremely fun and thrilling to practice and manage vape tricks. But it begins with your vaping device and vape flavor. Therefore, you need the appropriate device and vape flavor to achieve the best results.

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